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Saturn is one of the most magnificient planetary views in the sky. Saturn is a gas giant with a ring of moonlettes which is easily visable to binoculars or telescopic viewing. The Rings of Saturn were first observed by Galileo Galilei with his telescope in 1610. Saturn is named after the Roman god Saturn (father of Zeus).

Today in Astronomy History
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April 20, 1786
British deaf-mute astronomer, John Goodricke, dies, four days after he is admitted into the Royal Society. John Goodricke discovered that some variable stars were periodic.

April 20, 1966
Surveyor 1 was the first American soft landing on the lunar surface.

April 20, 1967
The Surveyor 3 spacecraft lands on the Moon.

April 20, 1972
Apollo 16 lands on the Moon

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